Month: January 2018

The Great Alabama Blizzard of 2018

The Great Alabama Blizzard of 2018

Two days ago, we woke up to probably like 3 to 4 inches of snow. I live in central Alabama, so snow comes very rarely and always leaves us in a panic, but it was nice to look at! I had the day off work, as the streets were frozen over and the government closed all the bridges going into the city due to ice, so I just stayed home with the puppies!

Disclaimer: the reason we panic when snow comes is because we don’t have all the resources available to us here that most of you in the north have. No one has ever salted the roads before a snowstorm. I don’t even know that we have people who could do that this far south. They put lots of dirt down on the roads AFTER the ice showed up, but we had no way to treat the roads beforehand. If you go into bigger places like Atlanta and Birmingham, you’ll see big tents on the side of the road every fifteen miles or so, and those tents are filled with salt. The cities DO have those kinds of resources, and have been pretty good about using them in recent years, but I don’t live in a big city. We don’t have big tents full of salt. So the roads ice over, and no matter what anyone says you just can’t drive on ice! Schools, businesses, and entire city governments shut down. Roads are closed. In my county, every road and bridge was deemed UNPASSABLE by the county government for two days. I learned this week that if you drive on closed roads or roads deemed unpassable and you get in a wreck, your insurance WILL NOT cover it! I know right? So we all stay home and play in the snow instead.

Anyway. Here’s some photos of my dogs playing in the snow. It took some time, but eventually they all learned to love it. Gidget, especially, loved the snow.

She would stick her whole head into the snow and then come inside with it stuck all over her face
Gidget and Abel. Abel was the snow’s worst fan. He does not handle the cold well so he spent most of the day inside.

She would also pounce on the snow, and it would puff up in her face, and so she’d pounce again, and it would puff up some more, and she’d keep pouncing. It was super cute.

Gidget and Dennis
Dennis is my brother’s dog. He didn’t really understand what was going on but he still had a good time.

Gidget and Dennis chasing Lou. Lou was also not a fan of the snow. My poor short-haired puppies.
She just had the best time of her life. She’s from Oklahoma so she probably remembers snow from her puppyhood.

Winter Wonderland! It’s been many, many years since the snow actually stuck to the roads!


Plan With Me: January 2018

Plan With Me: January 2018

Can you believe it’s January already because I definitely can’t??? 2018???? Where did 2017 go??? How is this happening??? Make it stop???

Anyway, so here’s my January 2018 setup, several days late, of course. Not much has changed from December to January, still in my undyed medium Gillio Compagna (and the patina is coming along so nicely!) but I’ve got some new inserts I wanted to show you guys so off we go!

For 2018, all my monthly inserts have come from SewMuchCrafting on Etsy! I love these inserts because I accidentally bought the wrong pack when I was buying my weekly inserts, so I just needed a monthly that wasn’t printed front and back and SewMuchCrafting delivered in a spectacular way! These are the Printed Personal Sized Single-Sided Month-On-Two-Pages Monday-Sunday inserts, because Monday-start is just how my brain works these days. They are printed on super high-quality paper that I love and are just super simple and functional and I highly recommend them!

As an aside, I had previously bought a glitter clip from OliBlock and just wasn’t impressed with it. It didn’t seem to hold anything well and was constantly falling off. After I had commented something to that effect on an Instagram post, the OliBlock team reached out to me to offer an exchange or a refund, since they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I opted for an exchange and got the purple metallic clip featured above and am SO GLAD that I did, because it is 100 times better than the sparkle clip. Apparently, there is something going on with the sparkle clips’ ability to actually keep a magnetic hold, because I wasn’t the only person with that complaint, but the metallic clip is out of this world.

Anyway, carrying on:

My weekly inserts for this year are from Crossbow Printables. I had actually intended to get her full 2018 set of inserts (monthly, weekly, goal-setting, etc. etc. etc.) but I got in a hurry when I was purchasing and ended up buying just the weekly inserts instead. That’s okay, though, because they are still super lovely and functional and beautifully printed on high-quality paper and I am obsessed with them. When it’s time to buy 2019 inserts I am going to pay more attention and actually get her full set for 2019!

The adorable pug stickers are from LoveOfFilo, and if you hurry you may be able to snag 45% off with the code SEEYOULATER before her shop-going-on-vacation-for-an-undetermined-amount-of-time-sale ends!

Daily pages haven’t changed a bit. Still doing bullet-journal-style rapid-logging, still working on Tomoe River personal-size ring paper from PaperPenguinCo. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and this part of my system certainly ain’t broke.

I’m still doing a daily gratitude log and habit tracker. Nothing has changed there, and my monthly tasks log is moving right along, as well.

My friend Kadee made me a new set of dividers for my non-monthly sections, so now I have some adorable top-tab dividers for Dailies, Work Notes, Personal Notes, Collections, Health and Wellness, and Recipes. I’ll have to do a separate post just to show those because they are freaking adorable and I don’t have any photos of them right now. Team Top Tabs for Life!

So that’s basically my 2018 Gillio setup. I may not do another Plan With Me post unless something drastically changes between now and then, but I have no reason to suspect it will at this moment.

I’ve also got some other notebooks I’m using for non-planning related purposes, and I’ll do a separate post to detail all of those later, too!

Let me know if you’ve got any questions! All shops are linked. 🙂

Happy New Year!