Plan With Me: December 2017

Plan With Me: December 2017

This is many days late in coming, but here’s what I’m working with for December 2017! I made a handful of small changes and am trying a couple new things for the last month of the year.

I’m still working out of my medium undyed Gillio Compagna – I can truly say I have found planner peace with this system!

Look at that patina developing tho

I’m still running the Michael’s Recollections Creative Year monthly and weekly inserts this month. These are undated monthly and weekly inserts – I’ve had to tweak the weekly calendars to be Monday-start rather than Sunday-start, because I just can’t wrap my head around a Sunday-start week!

Dividers from Michael’s Recollections Creative Year Collection in Dark Floral
Monthly overview
Look at that corner shine
Love that gold floral washi – got it from Target!

A standard weekly set up for me this month starts on Monday and has two sections – one for work and personal life, one for school-related tasks. They are color coded, as well: blue ink is for school, black/blue-black ink is for work and personal stuff. Because these are undated, I set them up a week in advance, so I’ve got two weeks running at any given time. That gives me a way to do some short-term forward planning, especially for looking to see upcoming due dates for school. Any long-term forward planning happens on the monthly calendar.

Standard weekly set up – paperclip from the Target Dollar Spot (AKA Bullseye’s Playground)

I’m trying something new this month by tracking my intake and exercise on a separate tracker. These are hand-drawn and a design I came up with that would work for me – feel free to take the format and use it in any way you may find that works for you! The page is hole-punched on both sides so I can flip the page whichever way I need it to be, depending on what side of the binder my task list for the day is on . This is a desperate attempt to hold myself accountable to my diet-and-exercise goals, and I’m actually on into week 2. So far, so good!

New this month: food logs!
Workout log on the back of the food log

One thing that hasn’t changed in my year-and-a-half of bullet journaling in its various formats has been the inclusion of a monthly gratitude log in my monthly set-up. I think it’s very important to keep up with a gratitude log each day, and I intend to (one day, eventually) dedicate a whole post to the importance of having a habit of gratitude, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Monthly gratitude log

The habit tracker is another tool I’ve had in every style of bullet journal I’ve tried. In my B6 TN, I was using a weekly habit tracker. Now that I’m in rings, I’ve gone back to a monthly habit tracker. Full disclosure: these aren’t all habits. Really, this is just a handy tool for me to keep up with how often I’m doing certain things. For example, I’m tracking exercise and how often I shampoo my hair. My goal is not, by any means, to do both of those things every day, but including them on my habit tracker is a good way to see how consistent I’m being, and it holds me accountable to things I think are important.

The monthly tasks list is just a perpetual list of things that need to get done around the house at least once a month. Bathing the dogs, clipping their toenails, cleaning the floors, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, washing my car, etc. etc. etc.

December habit tracker on the left, monthly tasks list on the right

New this month is a perpetual TBR list. As we approach the end of 2017 and I realize how miserably I failed at reaching my reading goal for this year (24 books read out of a 36 book goal as of this posting), I think I’ll be more successful going into 2018 if I keep a list handy of books I know I want to read that I can refer to whenever I find myself in a bookstore or browsing online for books. We’ll see how useful this proves to be over the course of the next few months.

Also new this month: TBR list

What does your December set up look like? Have you got any goals moving into the new year?


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