Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna and My Foray Into Ring Planners

Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna and My Foray Into Ring Planners

Things have been a little quiet over here at Bibliophilotherian the past few weeks. That’s partly because (once again) my MBA classes started up and that absorbs 99.9% of my free time. BUT, the other reason for my radio silence is because I have made a huge leap into ring planners, and I wanted to get my hands on my news greatest bestest ring planner ever before I went into the nitty gritty details with you guys about what and why and when and how.

And now here it all goes!

I had been not happy for a while with my TN planning system. I loved the separate notebooks, I loved the inserts for weekly and monthly calendars while still being able to have my rapid-logging dailies and I loved the collections being separate and having space for notes and everything that comes with a TN.

What I didn’t love is that only my middle inserts would lay flat, and the ones in the front and the back would have awful humps in them while I was trying to write. What I didn’t love was that it still didn’t “feel” professional. What I didn’t love was that I still couldn’t move individual pieces of paper around if I wanted them to be grouped together (say I wanted all my monthly gratitude logs in a row, one after another. Not feasible, unless I have an entire insert dedicated exclusively to gratitude logs. Which, no. Just no.).

So, I saw where @annie.plans and @julies_plans and @emma_plans had all made the switch into ring planners on their Instagram accounts, and they can take full credit for planting the seed! So I found a cheap personal Filofax on a Facebook BST page, I deconstructed and hold-punched some of my old personal-sized TN inserts from my two-week foray into the FF #4 TN, and dove headfirst into the ring planner world.

LET ME JUST SAY it was planner peace at first setup. I bought a set of Recollections monthly and weekly inserts with dividers and started rocking and rolling.

Not even a week later, Gillio Firenze, whose website I had been obsessing over since I saw Annie’s and Julie’s Gillios on their IG accounts, announced they were releasing an UNDYED LEATHER RING PLANNER and I knew I had to have it, so I impulse-bought it.

After a harrowing 24 hours, (so many people were trying to order on Gillio’s page that we crashed the website and not everyone’s orders went through) I finally got my confirmation email and my Undyed Apoca Medium Gillio Compagna was on its way to me!

What’s special about the Compagna in particular is that it has a large pocket on the back of the planner that can hold folded pieces of standard-sized letter paper – this was KEY for me, because my main issue with smaller-than-A5 sized planners is that there is no place for me to keep my monthly bills without them sticking awkwardly out of the top of the planner. The Compagna solves that problem, and my bills fit nicely inside the top pocket.

Large back pocket pictured here

The undyed Epoca leather is special in that it is Gillio’s most delicate and least-processed leather. If you know me, you know that I adore leather that will patina and age and mark over time, and this is the shining characteristic about the undyed Epoca. Given that I’ve promised my husband this is the last planner I will buy (hahahahahahah), I’m super stoked to see how it ages with use!

As soon as I got my hands on this ring planner, I knew that was it. The leather is so soft, supple, and gloriously pebbled. There are ample pockets to put paper, stickers, notepads, a ruler, and my ever-necessary check register, plus the aforementioned back pocket to hold bills and loose paper. The 25mm Krause rings are absolutely a dream. Since Krause rings are interchangeable, I can also upgrade to 30mm rings or gold rings if I should ever feel the need (but right now, I don’t). The pen loop on the right side is a titch small, but my planner pen (Pilot VP Decimo EF) fits snugly inside it so no biggie there. The clasp provides plenty of length (so feel free to stuff it!) and is very sturdy. The leather flyleaf that comes with the Compagnas is just velvety soft and super lush, and makes for a nice view when opening up the planner. I especially love that there’s no outside branding on the planner – the only branding is on the inside left front pocket, seen above. I’m not one for outside branding, so that was a plus for me!

Now I’m just going to move along into some photos of my set-up:

Front cover behind the leather flyleaf
Monthly and weekly divider covers – these are from Recollections and are super cute. Like $10 also for a 12 month set
Monthly – check out that 50 Shades of Grey Oliclip!
Weekly view – I love decorating my monthly and weekly calendars with stickers and washi 🙂
The workhorse of every planner system I’ve had – the bullet-journal-style dailies!

What I love about ring planners is the ability to move pages around, and that everything lies flat! The 25mm Krause rings are just the right size for me – big enough to hold everything but not so big as to make writing on the left side of the binder uncomfortable or awkward. I can rearrange pages as I see fit, and I can pull out months and add months as necessary. Right now I’m working with a six month spread of weeklies and monthlies, and will probably keep November in until January, and then pull out November and add in May, and so on and so forth. I’ve also got a year-at-a-glance page in case I need to plan out further than six months, but that rarely happens.

Here’s where I’m gonna level with you – these don’t come cheap. A medium single-color Compagna is going to run you more than $300 with shipping included. Kind of a hefty price tag for a ring planner, I know. But what you’re getting is a quality, hand-crafted leather binder that will literally last you for the rest of your life. They come with a lifetime guarantee, so if anything breaks (rings included) Gillio will repair or replace it. These are built to last, and they’re designed to be used. You can buy one of your own by visiting the Gillio Firenze webpage.

If you’re not quite ready to dish out that kind of dinero, check out the Gillio Marketplace on Facebook. Lots of second-hand Gillios are listed there for reasonable prices. But I can assure you, you won’t regret this purchase!




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    1. Hey! You are so right – sorry I didn’t include them on this post! The only ones that I bought specifically for my ring planner are these from Michael’s. Everything else in my current set up is just a hodge podge of miscellaneous papers I had (including notepaper from Filofax) and old TN inserts that I cut up and hole-punched to put into the ring binder.

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