Painting – With a Twist!

Painting – With a Twist!

This past weekend, I went to a pet portraiture class with a dear friend of mine. While I certainly did not miss my calling in the world of art (see previous post – I am not artistic!), I had a lot of fun in the class and came home with a decent painting of my sweet little Dot nugget, who passed back in December 2016. We had to submit in photos of the pets we wanted to paint beforehand, and when we got to the studio, they had set out charcoal sketches of all our pups (which, of course, I didn’t snap a good photo of).

The first step we were given was to paint in the background and the paint the shadows on the pets – the teacher called this the “underpainting.” I have another painting of our pup, Mac, who passed in June 2016, that was given to me by the same sweet friend I went to the class with, and it has the green-red-yellow-blue primary colors thing going on. It’s on display in our living room, so I was trying to match this color scheme to that one, although the green ended up being waaaay darker and my colors are all patchy and the yellow/orange/blanket wrinkles thing is questionable.

See my reference photo down at the bottom on the table?

After we finished up the shadows, we added in the highlights and the base color. It was tough mixing the right color for Dot’s fur – it was made even tougher when you consider the fact that I’m colorblind! My friend, bless her, was helping me determine which colors on my palette were the correct ones to use.

“I’m ready to go out on patrol, sergeant – I’ve got my camo face paint on and everything!”

At this point, Dot had started looking a little like she was in the military – she had a camo face paint thing going on, so the sweet teachers came over to hep me correct the color and lighten her up a little bit.

Ahhhh that’s better.

I got to start adding in her fluffy puppy fur on her sweet little head and ears, and that was super fun and turned out really cute.

Eyes before highlighting

Once we started adding the eyes and nose, it all really started to come together and look like my sweet little Dot Dot.

Eyes after highlighting!

This is the finished product that I brought home, and I’m pretty proud of it given my considerable lack of artistic talent! The teacher said, “For a single color dog, she definitely has a lot of colors!” The photo I had brought for reference had a lot of play of shadow and light, and even though at first glance, Dot was predominately the lighter tan color, when you really started to look you could see the black and darker brown places, especially on her face and ears. To be completely honest, I didn’t even realize she had a little ‘stache until I was painting this picture.

But, here it is! The whole class was a ton of fun. They do pet portraiture classes on the last Sunday of each month, so we’re going back again in September!

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    1. It was a good time! I’m thinking about painting a photo of one of my goats in September – I’ll have to share that one as well! 😀

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