How I Bullet Journal – Foxy Fox Boss Babe Madison Ave #4

How I Bullet Journal – Foxy Fox Boss Babe Madison Ave #4

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an organizational fiend. In high school, I had a pocket calendar that I used to keep up with assignments, homework, projects, and test dates. It was never anything complicated, but it got the job done. In college, I moved on to writing weekly to-do lists and monitoring each class’ syllabus on a regular basis to keep myself on-track and on-task. In January of last year I discovered the “world of planners” that exists on the internet and quickly invested in a Day Designer planner that saw about four months of consistent use. The problem that I had with it was that I have a lot of daily tasks that need to be accomplished, and not a lot of time-relevant tasks, so there was never enough space for me to write down everything that I needed to do. In August 2016 I discovered the bullet journal concept on Instagram and immediately fell in love. I started out in a square-grid Moleskine that I picked up on sale at the local book store – it was filled up by December. I moved into the ever-popular Leuchtturm1917 after the Moleskine was full, and about halfway through the LT is when I found the “bullet journal in a traveler’s notebook” concept.

I was immediately intrigued. My chief complaint about the traditional bullet journal system was that I didn’t like having to draw weekly and monthly layouts regularly – I’m not a creative or artistic person, and my bullet journal is purely an organizational tool and not a creative outlet like it is for many others. When I realized with a TN setup I could have pre-printed monthly and weekly inserts and still have dot-grid inserts for rapid-logging and long-term collections, I knew I had to make the switch.

What sent me over the edge was a Foxy Fix mystery sale. I bought a #8 golden envelope and had my fingers and toes crossed that I would love it (spoiler alert: I did!). From there, I ordered a couture #8 (future post on this to come) that is still where I do the bulk of my planning. I work full time in a fast-paced and challenging environment, and I’m also in school for my MBA, so the size of a #8/A5 traveler’s notebook allows me sufficient room to plan everything I need.

The #4 comes in for on-the-go planning. It’s main use is for when classes aren’t in session. I’ve got no need during these times to carry around an A5 sized planner just for my quick rapid-logging and minimal future planning, so I snagged a #4 off a Foxy Fix Buy/Sell/Trade board on Facebook.

This color is called Madison Avenue, from Foxy Fix’s Boss Babe leather collection. I can’t say enough good things about the Boss Babe leather – it’s glossy, structured, and has an absolutely gorgeous finish.

The first insert in my #4 Madison is a simply monthly calendar. It allows me to see upcoming events and appointments at a glance, and to future plan on-the-go. The only time I need to utilize a weekly calendar is when classes are in session and I have weekly assignments that are due, so this insert’s lack of a weekly calendar is no hindrance for me.

The second insert is a basic dot-grid insert. This is purely for rapid-logging my daily tasks and responsibilities. If necessary, I can refer back to my master planner in the #8, but most of the time I already know offhand what needs to get done each day.

My third insert is a square-grid notebook, which houses grocery lists, quotes I like, and other miscellaneous notes that aren’t necessarily task- or appointment-related.

My fourth and final insert is a book reviews notebook. It allows me to keep up with what books I’m currently reading and what I’ve finished. It has spaces for a summary, quotes, and my thoughts on the book as a whole, and allows me to rate each book on a scale of one to five.


This is a quick and easy setup to take with me when I’m running out the door. The personal-sized #4 is small enough to fit in my hand and is not too heavy to carry around without a bag.


All inserts featured in this post can be found on the YellowPaperHouse Etsy page!



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